February 5, 2010

Last Meeting

On Wednesday, we had our last meeting with our caseworker! We met her up in Salem at the library and she asked pretty much the same things as our last meeting. Basically to see how we're doing, how we're adjusting, and how Drew's doing. I can't believe we're already this far!

Now we're just waiting for the state to approve the adoption and when they do, our caseworker will send all of the paperwork from LDSFS to our attorney (who is awesome!) and he'll submit it to the courts so we can set up a court date to finalize! (At least this is my impression. I could be terribly wrong, but I think this is how the rest of the process goes...)

We're getting there! It's all gone by so quickly. It's so hard to believe that this all started one year ago. It's gone by so fast for us! I think about how long we've wanted a child and know that our little Drew was definately worth the wait!!