December 29, 2009


Dan and I have been really careful about respecting the privacy of our wonderful birthparents (Johnny and Kaitlyn), but they've let us know that they're okay with us posting pictures of them (which I'm so excited about). So I decided to post a little bit about the hospital.

Kaitlyn sent Dan and I text messages at around 7:45 in the morning on Saturday to let us know she was at the hospital. This picture is of us on the way. We packed some things and headed up to meet them. Both sets of parents were there when we got there and Johnny and Kaitlyn were so great to let us hang out with all of them for awhile.

After many hours of labor, Johnny came out to ask if I wanted to be in the room for the delivery. I was so beyond excited. So I was able to be with Johnny and Kaitlyn for a little while before things started happening, which I really loved. Kaitlyn was such a trooper. I was so impressed with her. She was exhausted and still gave it her all. I couldn't believe it. And Johnny was so supportive of her. It was amazing to see the love between these two. This was the first birth I've ever seen and it was amazing. It was the most amazing thing to watch my son being born. I can't imagine anything sweeter. The first moment I held him in my arms, I wept. I felt it. The same feeling I felt all those months ago when this whole process started. All of those years of heartache and pain have been totally and completely worth it.

Kaitlyn holding Drew - isn't she beautiful? Keep in mind this is minutes after giving birth.

Johnny holding Drew. I absolutely love Johnny's hair.

Johnny's dad captured this sweet picture.

December 27, 2009

Andrew Jonathan

Our sweet little Drew decided to make his debut into this world last night, the 26th, at 10:54 pm and we are so in love with him! He is 8 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long. The delivery went very, very well and both baby and Birthmom are doing great! I may be biased, but isn't he the cutest thing you've EVER seen??

December 17, 2009

Getting Ready

Dan and I have been working to get things ready for our little boy that's coming to us soon! We actually started getting ready around March or so, just getting small things here and there. But in the last couple months or so, we've been doing a lot more to get ready. Our big thing we're working on right now is turning our spare bedroom into a nursery. Here's how it's going so far:

As you can see, it's a complete mess. :) Which is driving me absolutely crazy. I love looking at all the fun stuff we have so far, but I'd love if it was a lot more organized. I think as soon as we can figure out what we're going to do with that bed and the TV that's in there, the rest should fall into place. I think I know what I'll be doing this weekend.... :)

Although, have I mentioned how EXCITED we are?!?! It's a lot of preparation, but worth every second of it!

December 4, 2009


So since I posted the great news last time and some people have asked, I guess I should put some details on here. :) We met with J & K (our wonderful birthparents) last Wednesday for dinner and while we were waiting for our food, they handed us that card with their decision. I absolutely loved that they gave us something tangible that we can keep. After dinner, we played arcade games for awhile - it was so fun to hang out with them in a casual setting, much more comfortable.

Dan and I are both friends with J & K on Facebook so I get to talk to K (the birthmom) on there occasionally. She's doing well, feeling good - doesn't complain at all, she's amazing. She went to the doctor recently and everything looks great. J's working hard. It sounds like he's working all the time. Such great people!!

The little boy is due on December 29. (When we first heard about J & K, the due date was December 24, but I guess it's changed a few times.) We're of course so excited and have been buying a lot of fun things. We have great friends and family that have given us so much already - our spare bedroom looks like a bomb went off in there. :)

I feel so incredibly thankful for J & K. I don't think I'll ever be able to express my full gratitude. I'm grateful that we've gotten to know them and I'm grateful that they chose us and that we get to have them in our lives.

I know I write this all the time, but THANK YOU all for your love, support, and prayers. It's really overwhelming (in the best way possible) to learn and I know this has all happened because of all of you.