March 10, 2010

Court Date

We have a court date!!! I can't believe it!! (Especially after I whined in my last post. You'd think I'd be punished for that.) So next Tuesday (we were so blessed to get a court date so soon - our attorney told us we were "lucky," but I'd say we're incredibly blessed) we'll be there at the court house finalizing our adoption so that our little guy will be legally ours! I can't wait! I can't believe it's finally here. And in 13 months, no less. It's amazing. Miracles left and right. Heavenly Father carefully planning this and with us every step of the way. Amazing, amazing. I feel so blessed. I can't wait to be in the temple with Dan and Drew. I was looking at Drew today and thought about that special day that will come soon and teared up, as I'm sure I'll do for a long time. How did I get so lucky? It's been a long time comin', but I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything!


Brenley said...

SO SO SO SO excited...Beyond excited! REALLY! And I am beyond excited that I will be able to be at the Temple!

stephschmidt said...

Well thanks for telling me about this post :) I think it's amazing you were able to get a court date so soon - so awesome!