January 19, 2010

One Step Closer

Yesterday, we had our first post-placement visit from our new caseworker, Julie. She came to our home to see how we're doing, see how Drew's doing, and to see how we're all adjusting. It went really well! I was hoping Drew would be awake, but he slept the whole time instead. :)

Our next step is to have one more visit with Julie - probably in Salem or Tigard. Then, she'll send all the paperwork to our attorney (who is great!) and he'll get things finished with the court. We'll meet with a judge from there and it will be finalized! Then we get to do the fun stuff. The thing I've been the very most excited about is taking Drew to the temple. It's what I've been picturing in my head throughout this whole process and I can't wait!

But that'll all take a little time. For now, though, we're one step closer!


Todd Family said...

keven's uncle and aunt have adopted 6 children in the last 3 years. Keven went to the sealing of the latest little girl they adopted and he said it was an awesome experience. so happy for you guys!!

Brenley said...

This makes me cry! (Everything about your adoption story makes me cry!) I am excited for you to go to the Temple and have Drew forever. It really is such an amazing experience. I am also so glad that you don't have to wait as long as we had to.

stephschmidt said...

YEA! I'm so glad the visit went well, and that things are still running so smoothly (not very surprising though, huh?). That's just like Drew to sleep through the visit :)

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