January 24, 2010


I haven't been good at blogging lately. And for that I feel really bad, especially with this blog because this blog is so special to me and I've done such a good job of keeping exact track of everything. Hopefully I'll do better.

We had placement on December 28, 2009. It was up at the hospital in the afternoon. I had my friend, Brenley, come up to take pictures for us. I didn't want to have to worry about taking pictures, but I knew it was something I would want to remember. I also knew she'd do a fabulous job, not only because she's an amazing photographer, but also because she adopted her little boy just over two years ago, so she knew what moments to capture. I was right - she did the BEST job.
Anyway, that morning I was so nervous (yes, again..), that I literally made myself sick. I felt sick all morning. Not because I didn't think it would work out, but because of the sacrifice Johnny and Kaitlyn were making and I didn't know how I would handle it.

Everything went really well. We did all the paperwork and then Johnny and Kaitlyn went to check out of the hospital. Johnny's parents were there in the room with us. Johnny's mom looked at me and, with a smile on her face, said "congratulations." That was the exact moment it hit me. I just started sobbing. It didn't seem real before then (sometimes it still doesn't). But that one word was all it took. It was such a special moment for me.
I was finally able to compose myself and then a minute later, Brenley was across the room and when she caught my eye, she mouthed to me "You're a MOM!" The tears flowed again. :)
Here are a few of the photos Brenley took that I'll treasure forever.

{Kaitlyn holding Drew}

{Our sweet little boy}

{Spending precious moments with Johnny and Kaitlyn}

{This is my favorite picture - it's so sweet}

{Sweet Johnny}

{The moment it all hit me}

{Our new family of three on our way home}

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stephschmidt said...

I agree with R, that picture of the three of you leaving is one of my very favorites. What priceless pictures; Brenley did SUCH an awesome job! She captured everything so well!